The Tolerance Coalition

The Jerusalem Tolerance Coalition is an association of about 70 organizations and institutions that work to promote tolerance and coexistence in Jerusalem. The goal of the coalition, which operates under the auspices of the Jerusalem Foundation, is to strengthen the organizations that are members of it and to strengthen their activities and influence in the city in order to maintain a healthy urban fabric.

In addition, the coalition strives to spread and assimilate tolerant perceptions that encourage the existence of a common life among the Jerusalem public in general and among the decision-makers in the city in particular. The coalition member organizations operate in a wide variety of arenas, addressing the variety of rifts and tensions that exist in Jerusalem, including the ultra-Orthodox-secular rift, Jewish-Arab relations, attitudes toward the LGBT community, and more.

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News and Updates

Boundaries of Tolerance. How to promote tolerance among conservative populations in Jerusalem? Learning group 17.10, 13:00

Today we held the winter conference of the Jerusalem Tolerance Coalition, which has been operating for seven years under the auspices of the Jerusalem Foundation. 

It currently includes about 90 organizations committed to promoting tolerance and co-existence in the city 🤝🏻

The coalition proves that it is not only possible but necessary to examine the divides that exist in Israeli society and to start working towards healing them.

We invest a lot of effort in raising funds for these purposes and believe that the diversity of cultures in Jerusalem is the city’s strength!

Together with the Jerusalem Municipality, the foundation’s leading partner, we will continue to form a modern, colorful and vibrant city

by empowering its diverse communities.

About Us

The Jerusalem Tolerance Coalition was formed in 2016 following the assassination of Banky Shira and out of a desire to create a tolerant and accepting space. The coalition, which operates under the auspices of the Jerusalem Foundation, is a network of more than 60 organizations from civil society and the public sector.